Join us to help the 23 million people of Taiwan achieve full recognition and equal treatment in the international community. This rally is to promote peace, security, democracy, and human rights. We hope to engage everyone to raise and create awareness about Taiwan’s history and current situation.

Please keep in mind that Keep Taiwan Free is not an Outreach for Taiwan project. KTF is a movement that belongs to everyone. OFT is the group that is facilitating organization and planning behind the rally.


Despite a vibrant democracy, a population larger than that of Australia and significant contributions to the world, Taiwan continues to be excluded from the United Nations.  As a result, Taiwan is unable to fully participate in and contribute its vast resources to global institutions such as the World Health Organization and forced to enter international competitions under the name “Chinese Taipei” even though the vast majority of Taiwan’s citizens consider themselves to be Taiwanese.

We hope to resolve these inequities through local grassroots advocacy aimed at greater awareness within our own communities and public support for Taiwan’s UN membership.


In 1992, the opposition parties in Taiwan proposed that the Chinese Nationalist Party  (KMT) administration should recognize the political reality and end international isolation by applying to the United Nations under the name of Taiwan. Because New York is where UN HQ are located, it motivated the local Taiwan Americans to form the “Committee of Admission of Taiwan to the United Nations.” Starting in 1993, they hosted rallies and several activities during the UN assembly session every year.  They promoted the theme “UN membership for Taiwan” and the legality of Taiwan as a sovereign nation.