OFTaiwan (OFT) is an organization founded by two young Rutgers graduates, Eric Tsai and Jenny Wang. OFT strives to educate others about Taiwan by providing information and understanding about the political atmosphere, current events, and historical relevance of Taiwan. OFTaiwan holds workshops and other events to fulfill its mission to educate young proponents and supporters of Taiwan on how to advocate for Taiwan.

OFT is not connected to any political party, nationality, or ethnicity. OFT is an outlet of information about Taiwan’s history and current events.

Our Story

Eric Tsai and Jenny Wang would stand outside their Mandarin class and talk about their Taiwanese heritage. Together they were in the Rutgers Taiwanese American Student Association. When they graduated, they were involved in the movements to for Taiwan’s proper recognition. Over time, they realized that many Taiwanese American, born and raised in the US did not have access to understand more about Taiwan. Together they formed Outreach for Taiwan

Together they reached out, and worked with undergraduate Taiwanese American student organization to create workshops for people to learn more about Taiwan. Along the way, other likeminded people joined them as well.

The belief of the organization is that people will always have personal views, but it important to provide our workshop attendees and visitors, as many angles as possible into Taiwan’s history and current events.

If you are interested in joining OFT or have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly at outreachfortaiwan@gmail.com.