Interested in joining and helping out Outreach for Taiwan?

Below are some positions that you can take with the Outreach for Taiwan (OFT) team to help out



Workshop team is the face of OFT. The workshop team will be working to present workshops for others to learn about Taiwan. Creativity and presentation skills will bring a boring history lesson to an captivating story of Taiwan.

Workshop Producer

Acting as the creative mind of the workshop, the workshop producer will be in charge of creating a coherent, captivating and educational workshop. Theme, presentation, and delivery will be planned out by the producer. Think of this like the director of a movie.

Workshop Speaker

While the producer is setting up the stage, the workshop speaker will be the actor in the spotlight. Eloquent and charming, the workshop speaker will have not just engaging for the audience, but also knowledgeable, to ensure any questions can be answered.

Workshop Coordinator

Each workshop is done in partnership with other organizations. The workshop coordinator will be one to make sure everything is in place for the workshop to run smoothly. From emails for outreach to travel plan coordination, the workshop coordinator will ensure the smooth sailing of the entire workshop.



While the workshop team is presenting to individuals in person, the content team will be outreaching through the world-wide web.

Content Producer

From writing a blog about the current event to recording a video interview of a Taiwanese American, content can be anything. The sky is the limit as the content producer will be helping creating a well-rounded story about Taiwan.

Content Marketing

While the information is produced on the website, it is up to the content marketing team to get the word out there. From social media to partners outreach, the content marketing team will do everything to help get OFT’s content out to the world.



Without the smooth running of the organization, there would be no OFT. Operations team make sure everything is in line. Contact us at about how you would like to help OFT’s operations.

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