Happy New Year! Lunar Style

Happy Lunar New Year! I’m back in Taiwan to celebrate with my family and thought I’d share some of the fun facts/activities/rituals people perform to kick off the new year. After graduating, I have been coming home every lunar new year to celebrate Chinese New Year with my family. As I came home this year, … Continue reading Happy New Year! Lunar Style

The Champs That Once Dominated The World: Taiwan’s Little League Team

Hi! It's been a while. This is the first newsletter of the year, and we are hoping the new year is treating you well so far. I'm enjoying the nice Texas weather as Eric and Jess are bearing the snow, rain and sleet of the Northeast. Meanwhile with the new year, we also have a … Continue reading The Champs That Once Dominated The World: Taiwan’s Little League Team

Special Edition: Election Recap

Hi! This is Eric taking over this newsletter from Jess. Over Thanksgiving weekend, Taiwan had its local election as well as a major referendum vote. While it has been over a week, there are still talks and questions about it. We’ve put together a few simple points of the major things that happened in the … Continue reading Special Edition: Election Recap

Can You Guess How Many Taiwanese Students Are Studying Abroad In The U.S.?

I need to interrupt our regularly scheduled program with some exciting news: we're teaming up with TaiwaneseAmerican.org and Ketagalan Media to create resources for student groups. Think about this as the Taiwan 101 extra curricular class you've been dreaming of. ...and in these dreams, what would you be learning?! Let us know so we can put together a truly value-add series. We'd really appreciate your help.

Can You Guess How Many 7-Elevens Are In Taiwan?

Welcome to Outreach For Taiwan's sporadic newsletter. Apologies for the longer than usual delay. We're a volunteer organization (consisting of Eric, Jess, and Bertha) and sometimes our personal lives get in the way. Below are quick links to get you up to speed on news surrounding Taiwan. (Not to get too meta here, but we … Continue reading Can You Guess How Many 7-Elevens Are In Taiwan?