What is your selection for a Taiwan movie night?

Hey everyone! First, apologies for dropping off of social media recently. A lot is going with work and I have been busy helping with the first ever Taiwan Film Festival in Boston. This also means I have been thinking a lot about Taiwan movies, hence the title of this newsletter! Newsworthy #LoveWinsTaiwan has officially become the … Continue reading What is your selection for a Taiwan movie night?


“The Assassin” Review

Last May, when Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao-Hsien (侯孝賢) won “Best Director” at the Cannes Film Festival for his wuxia film “The Assassin” (《刺客聶隱娘》), my interest was immediately piqued. As an avid martial artist, I wanted to watch a martial arts film that was highly praised by international film critics, especially since it had been produced … Continue reading “The Assassin” Review

KANO hits a Home Run in the US

Recap of KANO movie showing Co-producers Wei Te-Shen (魏德聖) and Jimmy Huang (黃志明) toured along with the showing of their movie KANO at eleven locations across the United States over nine days. We were able to attend the three showings in the New York/New Jersey area, each with their own unique settings and Q&A sessions. Directed by … Continue reading KANO hits a Home Run in the US