Taiwan History

Taiwan has a rich and often times confusing history. Here are a couple of major events listed in chronological order where we hope can diffuse the confusion.

Republic of China

The Republic of China (ROC) and Taiwan are practically synonymous today, with the ROC being the official name of the government of Taiwan, but this wasn’t always the case. As the name suggests, the ROC used to be the government of China, based in Nanjing. As an example for the difference of history between Taiwan … Continue reading Republic of China

White Terror

White Terror is perhaps the darkest period of time for Taiwan. Starting with the 228 Massacre in 1947 until the end of the martial law in May 19, 1949, the White Terror had wiped out an entire generation, culturally and historically. The Republic of China, under the aim of taking back all of China, targeted any … Continue reading White Terror