Q: Is Outreach for Taiwan a political organization? 

A: OFT is an organization and fully adheres to the regulations of non-partisanship. Regarding our stance on Taiwan’s status as a nation, we firmly believe that Taiwan is a sovereign and independent nation. We believe in self-determination and the furthering of democracy for Taiwan and all people of the world. Our events have no political agenda, and only serve as a venue for education and open discussion.

Q: Is OFT only for Second Generation Taiwanese Americans? 

A: OFT welcome all interested members including international professionals living the US and recent immigrants to become active and attend our events!

Q: Do I have to identify as or be Taiwanese to participate? 

A: OFT welcomes of every identity, race, ethnicity, national origin, and political belief. Having an interest in Taiwan is the one thing attendees and volunteers may have in common, and we do not discriminate.

Q: How do I become involved with OFT?

A: We are always looking for people to us from manning our social media to creating a local chapter. Please contact outreachfortaiwan@gmail.com for further info.



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