Food and Drinks

Taiwan is renowned for it’s food, from bubble tea to beef noodle soup. Not only are they filled with great taste, they are also filled with rich history. Check it out here.

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Beef Noodle Soup

The original beef noodle is made by Hui People (回族), a Chinese Muslim ethnic group. This was dish was developed around the Chinese Tang Dynasty (618–907AD). In modern day, beef noodle soup can be separated into two types: Clear soup (清燉) Red braised (紅燒)   The one that Taiwan is most known for is the … Continue reading Beef Noodle Soup

Rice Dumpling/ZongZi

Rice dumplings (or zòngzi, ròuzòng or bah-chàng) is almost synonymous to the Dragon Boat Festival (or duan wu festival). An iconic dish the festival has a story behind it and a long process in making it. Story The story of the zongzhi begins with the story of the festival and a beloved and famed Chu poet … Continue reading Rice Dumpling/ZongZi

Ai Yu – Ice Jelly

Ice jelly is a popular Taiwanese summertime treat. It is an absolute favourite in Taiwanese night markets, alongside other Taiwanese specialties like the world-famous bubble tea. “Ice jelly” is actually the very slick name given to the treat by Singaporeans; since that’s kind of what it looks like–ice in the summer. In its native Taiwan, … Continue reading Ai Yu – Ice Jelly