Civil Movements

During the Japanese colonization, Taiwanese students studying in Japan picked up civil movements. Starting from movement during the Japanese era with organizations like the Taiwanese Cultural Association to fights against the Republic of China government like the Wild Lily Movement, Taiwan’s civil movements are a part of it’s culture. In modern day, protest are a common thing and at certain points are filled with song and art as an outlet rather than physical fights.

Sunflower Movement

Sunflower Movement is the largest student movement since the Wild Lily Movement in 1990. In 2014, from March 18 to April 10, hundred of student broke into the Taiwan Legistlative Yuan (equivalent to the US Capitol) while thousands joined in support outside the building. This was a protest to the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement (CSSTA) … Continue reading Sunflower Movement

LGBTQ Movement in Taiwan

Major Events: On May 24, 2017, Taiwan’s Constitutional Court rules that the ban of same-sex marriage is unconstitutional Read more: New York Times The News Lens Background General support for the LGBTQ community has increased a lot over the years Taiwan has the potential to be the first country in Asia to legalize same sex … Continue reading LGBTQ Movement in Taiwan

Wild Lily Student Movement

Background In 1986, the Tang-Wei movement has officially created the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). In 1988, President Chiang Jing-Kuo passed away and his then-vice president, Lee Teng-Hui took the presidential position. 1990 was the year for a new president to be elected. However, at this point, theĀ President and Vice President of the Republic of China … Continue reading Wild Lily Student Movement