Happy New Year! Lunar Style

Happy Lunar New Year! I’m back in Taiwan to celebrate with my family and thought I’d share some of the fun facts/activities/rituals people perform to kick off the new year.

After graduating, I have been coming home every lunar new year to celebrate Chinese New Year with my family. As I came home this year, I found that my brother had dug up his Chinese New Year project. In 7th grade, all students were required to do a Chinese New Year project to explore more about the tradition of the festivities. My brother did a lot of work on his and at the time, when I was only in third grade, I read the book over and over again (or just looked at the pictures) and couldn’t wait for it to be my turn to make mine. However, when I reached 7th grade, the project was canceled and I never got to do mine. After 20 years, this treasure has resurfaced and I would like to share with you all (you may even find some pictures of young me!)

We’re officially in the year of the pig – even though known in the west as a dirty and lazy animal, those born in the year of the pig are caring, loving and compassionate. Which Chinese zodiac sign are you? Make sure to find out so you can watch out for YOUR year!

It’ll be a busy time as families clean up the house and get ready for the new year. Here are some things we will be doing and eating over the course of the next few days:

Make sure to check out

Also a reminder, if you’re in college or just around Philadelphia, make sure to check out this year’s ITASA Conference (Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Student Association) held at UPenn. This year themed: Me and Ama

No photo description available.

PS. You may see that I interchange between Lunar New Year and Chinese New Year. Some would see they’re the same while other see them as different, here’s what I think. What do you think?


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