Can You Guess How Many Taiwanese Students Are Studying Abroad In The U.S.?


I need to interrupt our regularly scheduled program with some exciting news: we’re teaming up with and Ketagalan Media to create resources for student groups. Think about this as the Taiwan 101 extra curricular class you’ve been dreaming of. 

…and in these dreams, what would you be learning?! Let us know so we can put together a truly value-add series. We’d really appreciate your help.

And if our appreciation isn’t enough, you’ll also get a chance to win CHRYSANTHEMUM: VOICES OF THE TAIWANESE AMERICAN DIASPORA, an anthology of works by creators of Taiwanese heritage. SO YEAH, fill this out!!


Debate on Marriage Equity Referendum: local elections in Taiwan will be held on Nov. 24, including referendums surrounding gay marriage. For anyone interested, we put together a timeline of the LGBTQ Movement in Taiwan.

Human Rights and Technology: Oslo Freedom Forum in Taiwan: an international series dedicated to protecting human rights in the world was hosted in Asia for the first time since the conference debuted 10 years ago.

Golden Horse awards hit by controversy over Taiwan: this past weekend, the Golden Horse Awards, started by Taiwan in 1962 as an Oscar-like award for Chinese speaking film, took over the news. In her acceptance speech for the best documentary, director Fu Yue said “I hope one day our country will be recognized and treated as a truly independent entity. This is my biggest wish as a Taiwanese.” Fu’s documentary, Our Youth in Taiwan, documents the 2014 Sunflower Movement.

Cool Stuff

How our bodies domesticate/disaster: An Interview with Kristin Chang, Past Lives, Future Bodies: great interviewing discussing the meaning of Taiwanese identity, Asian Americans in media and literature, and more. 

The Island That Never Stops Apologizing: a deep dive into the meaning behind ‘buhaoyisi’ and how the apologetic phrase preserves social cohesion. 

“Taiwan may seem like the world’s most apologetic country, a nation obsessed with saying sorry – but in fact, the culture of buhaoyisi reveals a lot about the islands’ hidden layers of modesty and shyness.”

Fun Fact

There are over 22,000 Taiwanese people studying in Taiwan!! According to this article, Taiwan is the seventh-largest source of international students for the United States


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