228 started on 227 with cigarettes

Hey all, 

I’m bringing you some solemn but interesting facts today. For those of you unfamiliar, 228 is synonymous and shorthand for the massacre that occurred in Taiwan on February 28th, 1947. The horrific event went unacknowledged for several decades and documents were only declassified by President Tsai Ing-wen two years ago. 

Here are your quick links to learn more about why tensions were high, how contraband cigarettes were a spark, foreign reaction (and lack of action), the general aftermath, and how transitional justice is a big part of current day democratic Taiwan. 

In lighter news, there is a call for submissions for Chrysanthemum – Volume II, an anthology of Taiwanese Diaspora artists and writers. If you’d like to contribute to the collection, submit your images, fiction, non-fiction, poetry/verse by March 31st!

’til next time!



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