Taiwan 101 for Taiwan Elections + Year of the Rat!

Happy New Year everyone!

It has been half a year since we had last sent out a newsletter. I apologize for losing touch, but we do hope to bring this back (new year resolutions that will stick).

First, to wrap up 2019, TaiwaneseAmerican.org put together an awesome list of 19 Things That Happened in Taiwan & Taiwanese America in 2019.

Next, a large part of sending this newsletter out is to talk about the upcoming Taiwan elections. As you have signed up for this, you understand that we do not push for any political agenda but want to help YOU understand what is going on in Taiwan. Below are a couple of links that we find may be helpful to learn about the elections, but the next section we will also give you the basics of Taiwan, from the two major political parties to the legislative elections.

O ya..also, Happy Chinese New Year! We have the usual links about it and of course, the usual debate about “Chinese New Year” vs “Lunar New Year” (this are my personal views, but would love to hear from you guys too!)

Hope you have a great year of the Rat! (I’ve looked it up, rat or mouse, it’s arbitrary because Asians don’t tell the difference between the two)


Taiwan Elections

Confused with acronyms like KMT and DPP and just want to ask “WHAT IS GOING ON!?” Here you go. Below are the two party flags for the two major parties in Taiwan, the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) and the Democractic Progressive Party (DPP). Click on them to learn more.

PS. There are other parties, but they are significantly smaller. We promise we will cover them soon, but for now, here’s a brief overview of them.

While the presidential election always holds the attention, there are also legislative seats at play. For many locals, legislative seats are even more hottly contested. This year, there seems to be a large surge of younger politicians as well. Read how the legislative elections work here.

Happy New Year!

Which Chinese zodiac sign are you? Make sure to find out so you can watch out for YOUR year!

It’ll be a busy time as families clean up the house and get ready for the new year. Here are some things we will be doing and eating over the course of the next few days:


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