KTF 2014 Indiegogo Launch

What do YOU know about Taiwan?

I think Taiwan is related in someway to China, I’m not sure how.


A lot of things are manufactured from there.


I don’t know Taiwan.

Today we launch our Indiegogo campaign to fundraise for this year’s Keep Taiwan Free Rally. We hope to raise $3000 from this campaign but it’s not just about the money. It is also about spreading awareness.

Find the Indiegogo campaign here:


Campaign ends September 3, 2014

Don’t have money to spare? Help the rally by volunteering to outreach for Taiwan. We will teach every one of our volunteers how to outreach. If you are unable to come out to the rally, you can help by simply sharing out video, or reading more into what Taiwan is all about.

Want to help on rally day but not comfortable speaking to strangers?

Help us plan, organize and execute the rally. We will have a program and we need volunteers to help keep things in order.

You have friends?

Let them know about this rally and come out with them!

You’re free in New York City on September 13?

Come out and have fun with us! Let’s make a difference together.