“Tales of Taiwan: US, Taiwan and China Relations” at Tufts University

OFT has been in communication with the Taiwanese Association of Students at Tufts University (TAST) for quite some time now. When we reached out to TAST back in 2014, they expressed great interest in learning more about the history and politics of Taiwan.

We finally were able to arrange a date to host a workshop for them on Saturday, January 31. The two presidents of TAST are incredibly friendly, and they hope to lead their association in a direction in which their members are more aware about the history, politics and current events occurring in Taiwan. With that in mind, we decided to have our workshop content focused on US-China-Taiwan history and relations.

Due to technical difficulties while setting up the projector, we decided that we would host without our powerpoint presentation. We had everyone sit in a circle, and we walked through history together.

Our workshop at Tufts was a great experience. Not only did the staff members of OFT really get to bond during the long car rides to and from Boston, but we also thoroughly enjoyed the feedback and stories that the TAST students shared with us. It was a great workshop because the attendees were all very engaged, and were not afraid to share any thoughts or questions throughout the workshop.

OFT selfie with TAST!

Thank you for having us, TAST! Let’s all definitely keep in touch!

If your university is interested in having Outreach for Taiwan come host a workshop about Taiwan, feel free to email us at outreachfortaiwan@gmail.com

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