“Taiwan: Past, Present, and Future” at Brown University

To close out 2015, the Outreach for Taiwan team hit the road to host another workshop. This time we traveled to Rhode Island to speak with Brown University’s Brown Taiwan Society (BTS)

Like most Taiwanese American groups on college campuses, BTS has never hosted an event that talked about the political climate surrounding Taiwan. We hoped that with BTS’s invitation, we could help start the conversation about the tense cross-strait relations and spark interest.

We touched upon the history of Taiwan from the discovery of Formosa to the recent Ma-Xi meeting. There were intense discussion on US-Taiwan-China relations as well as debates about Japanese influence of Taiwan, benshenren vs. waishenren and Taiwan-Hong Kong relations. Overall, we had a very lively audience who were super engaged and were curious about learning.

It’s been an amazing first full year with OFT where we held workshops at Rutgers, Columbia, Tufts and Brown. It’s only the beginning for us as we’ll be hosting our first workshop of 2016 at University of Pennsylvania in January and we’ll also be at ITASA in February!

Hope to see you there!

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