Taiwan’s Soft Powers are Strong

With Taiwan’s WHA exclusion and constant battery on Taiwan’s international status along with people combatting for international recognition, it’s sometimes easy to forget how much Taiwan’s soft power is. This week was a perfect display.

May 24, 2017

Taiwan’s progress in same-sex marriage shows the world how we’re different

I woke up, rushed to the office to find my first meeting cancelled. As I browse Facebook for a minute, I realized I missed a monumental moment in Taiwan – Taiwan’s constitutional court has ruled that the “ban of same-sex marriage” is unconstitutional and that within the next 2 years they will amend the laws to allow for same-sex marriage.

Check out our fact sheet here: https://outreachfortaiwan.org/taiwan-101/social-movements/lgbtq-movement-in-taiwan/

I was so happy to be able to make updates to our fact sheet about Taiwan’s LGBTQ movement

This move was simply amazing. It showed that Taiwan is progressing in a way unlike any other country in Taiwan. Next time someone asks “what makes Taiwan different from China?” well…to start, our government recognizes same-sex marriage.

May 25, 2017

Taiwan’s friendliness and warmth on display

J. Michael Cole is a journalist in Taiwan that I greatly respect, for his skills as a reporter but also for his love of Taiwan. This Facebook post he had was great. It was the showing of Taiwan’s soft power. Imagine this videographer from Beijing, now goes back to China and talks about how the friendliness of Taiwanese people. There’s an old saying that Taiwan’s best sight aren’t the mountains and sea, but rather the people and their warm hearts.

The next day, Michael’s publication, Taiwan Sentinel, published an article about Taiwan’s soft power: Niche Media and Taiwan’s Soft Power

May 28, 2017

Taiwan on display in New York City

Every year in New York City, as you walk by Union Square, you fill find an alarming number of Taiwanese. This is because there is the Passport to Taiwan. This event highlights Taiwan food, culture and all it’s people. It puts it on display (literally) for people to see. While some may say this kind of event is fluffy and has no large impact for the status of Taiwan, but seeing all these people walking by, learning more about Taiwan through any form possible, it really shows New York what Taiwan is about. Rather than shouting on the streets about Taiwan rights, this kind of event shows that Taiwan simply a country that is shouting for international participation (though still VERY important), it is also a country of culture.

Infographic from Pixelmetry

While people chomped down on Taiwanese sausages and oyster omelettes listening to Taiwanese tunes, infographic about Taiwan were being passed out.

Looking at this week reminds me that things like Outreach for Taiwan is important. This kind of activity may not change policies, but it shows the world what Taiwan is made of.


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