Finally Friday Fun News Blast! – 7/11/14

Trying to not succumb to the itis? Counting down the hours until it’s the weekend? Here is our FINALLY FRIDAY FUN NEWS BLAST for this week! Let us help you pass the time.

1) What do lazy kitties and Taiwan have in common?
1462842_679082318790529_107135606_nThey’re the same shape! Wonder what happens if you tickle Taipei…


2) Taiwan chef wins world pastry competition! Say what?!?
36-year-old Taiwanese pastry chef, Chen Li-Che, won the Global Pastry Chefs Challenge in Norway on July 6th. His work of art, called “The 3-D Reflection of Deep Blue Ocean”, not only looks super tasty but also highlights the importance of protecting the earth. And hey, here is another fun fact: Chen is the current head chef of the Research & Development department at 85 °C Bakery! Nom noms….


3) Recently gone viral…adorable little boy comforts adorable little girl. And yes this is considered news because why not? It’s finally Friday!