#Art4TW – What does home mean to you?

NYC is home to many artists, dreamers, musicians, and … people, just like us with dreams, goals, and projects.

During our STAMPED event at Washington Square Park, we stumbled upon a cute house made out of white cardboard. We approached the girl sitting next to the house to find out more about what it could be about. The girl’s name was Anoush and she explained to us that the white cardboard was one of her personal projects, and prompted us with a simple question : “What does home mean to you?”.

She invited us to draw/write our answer on the cardboard house. Liu and several others from our event took this moment to express our thoughts on this cute house.




What we loved so much about stumbling about this cute project was that not only did it give us a chance to write and/or draw to express what home meant to us, it also gave us an opportunity to exercise new ways to outreach for Taiwan.




Check out Anoush’s Twitter to find out more about her projects! @Noushiepants 

Special thanks to Alysa Chiu and Micah Hong for the photos.