Hanging out with TANG : A Reflection

“Do any of you know what this is?”, I asked as I held up a small cut-out felt stencil of the shape of Taiwan. The kids from the Tiny Tots program of Taiwanese American Next Generation (TANG) sat in a circle, curiously looked at the shape, and eagerly started exclaiming their ideas of what the … Continue reading Hanging out with TANG : A Reflection


Perks and Reflections

Back when OFT was creating our Keep Taiwan Free Indiegogo campaign, our team had multiple discussions regarding what would be some perks for the people who donated for the cause. We tossed around many ideas - How about tee shirts? Teddy bears! A free limo ride to the rally?! Or how about free tickets to a … Continue reading Perks and Reflections

#Talk4TW – Tiffany Yu

For Taiwanese American Tiffany Yu, it is all about the "small wins and positive thinking". When she attended her first Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Association (ITASA) conference, she looked at the picture of Taiwan's outline on the ITASA logo and thought it was a leaf. Tiffany has gone a long way since then. Her involvement with … Continue reading #Talk4TW – Tiffany Yu

More than just a Piece of Fabric

Not too long ago, I happened to be in NYC to see the preparations for the Annual New York Dominican Day Parade. People of all ages - from toddlers to teens, young adults to grandparents - were lined up along 6th Avenue, adorned with flags. Floats were on the side, getting ready to proudly drive … Continue reading More than just a Piece of Fabric

We Have a Dream

Today marks the 51st anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr's "I Have A Dream" speech - it was a speech about civil rights, a speech about freedom, a speech about being recognized. Although it may seem a bit of a stretch, while reading the excerpt of his speech, certain sentences stuck out to me, and … Continue reading We Have a Dream

#Talk4TW – Ada Chen

The Taiwanese American community is closely-knit and Ada Chen is no stranger to that. After first being involved with the Rutgers Taiwanese American Student Association, she continuously found herself in the Taiwanese American community, even when she transferred to New York University.

Inside the Legislative Yuan with Democracy Tautin

"Taiwan is my country, pure and simple. Whatever your race is, Taiwan, as a diverse society, has gained the love of all its people. They all identify themselves with the idea of Taiwan." - Wang Yung-Hsiang (王雲祥) of Democracy Tautin This past weekend, OFT drove down to Central Jersey to attend a talk hosted by Rutgers Taiwan … Continue reading Inside the Legislative Yuan with Democracy Tautin