The Third Force: Small Parties in Taiwan

  According to the Ministry of Interior, there are currently 275 registered political parties in Taiwan. That is a huge number of parties! The number of parties existing in Taiwan also highlights the different issues that Taiwan society has interest in. From environmental safety, immigration, labor benefits, culture, social justice, to the traditional areas of … Continue reading The Third Force: Small Parties in Taiwan

#Talk4TW – Charles Pan

While OFT was brainstorming a list of which individuals we would want to interview for our #Talk4TW series, Charles Pan was up there on our list. Since Charles is the Taiwanese American Professionals - New York president, we wanted to learn more about his back story of how he became so involved in the Taiwanese American community.

#Talk4TW – Jon Lee

New Jersey native Jon Lee was shocked when he found out about the relationship between Taiwan and China. In our interview, we talk to him to learn about his journey from Rutgers to Taiwan advocacy in DC and beyond