More than just a Piece of Fabric

Not too long ago, I happened to be in NYC to see the preparations for the Annual New York Dominican Day Parade. People of all ages - from toddlers to teens, young adults to grandparents - were lined up along 6th Avenue, adorned with flags. Floats were on the side, getting ready to proudly drive … Continue reading More than just a Piece of Fabric


Keep Taiwan Free Rally 2014 – A Recap

Dozens of passionate individuals stood together under cloudy skies and the threat of heavy rain in Times Square a few weeks ago on Saturday, September 13th to take part in the Keep Taiwan Free Rally 2014. This annual event – formally known as the United Nations for Taiwan Rally - has been going on for … Continue reading Keep Taiwan Free Rally 2014 – A Recap

A Big Week

We have an exciting week coming up! If you're in the area, please join us! Taiwan Aloud - Wednesday 9/10 Featuring The Hsu-nami and two bands from Taiwan, Manic Sheep and Olivia. Come out for a night of fun music and rock out with Hsu-Nami! Also, get a chance to find out why Taiwan matters … Continue reading A Big Week

We Have a Dream

Today marks the 51st anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr's "I Have A Dream" speech - it was a speech about civil rights, a speech about freedom, a speech about being recognized. Although it may seem a bit of a stretch, while reading the excerpt of his speech, certain sentences stuck out to me, and … Continue reading We Have a Dream

Inside the Legislative Yuan with Democracy Tautin

"Taiwan is my country, pure and simple. Whatever your race is, Taiwan, as a diverse society, has gained the love of all its people. They all identify themselves with the idea of Taiwan." - Wang Yung-Hsiang (王雲祥) of Democracy Tautin This past weekend, OFT drove down to Central Jersey to attend a talk hosted by Rutgers Taiwan … Continue reading Inside the Legislative Yuan with Democracy Tautin

What We Do

  Taiwan, a shining beacon of democracy in the East Asia region, is a country that struggles for self-determination. The scars from Taiwan's turbulent history has not held her back from becoming one of Asia's 4 Economic Tigers, from having a rich culture, or from excelling in healthcare, humanitarian causes, and much more. However, these scars have … Continue reading What We Do