Did the Sunflower Movement become irrelevant?

It has almost been a year since student protesters broke into the Legislative Yuan in Taipei and occupied Taiwan’s lawmaking body for 23 days in the spring of 2014. This event sparked more than 350,000 people to march the streets in opposition of the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement (CSSTA). Many worried that there was no … Continue reading Did the Sunflower Movement become irrelevant?

Why is Taiwan Important?

  Taiwan is important to our U.S. interests, and our values:   Taiwan is a young, self-governing democracy in Asia. Taiwan is one of our strongest allies, and our 10th largest trading partner.  Most of the world's laptops, LCD screens, computer chips, and more come from Taiwan's companies.   The 23 million democratic people living … Continue reading Why is Taiwan Important?

What We Do

  Taiwan, a shining beacon of democracy in the East Asia region, is a country that struggles for self-determination. The scars from Taiwan's turbulent history has not held her back from becoming one of Asia's 4 Economic Tigers, from having a rich culture, or from excelling in healthcare, humanitarian causes, and much more. However, these scars have … Continue reading What We Do