The Young Voices at the United Nations Membership for Taiwan Rally 2015

On Saturday, September 12, dozens gathered at One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, in front of the United Nations headquarters in NYC. Attendees eagerly listened and chanted along with the Taiwan-United Nations Alliance (TAIUNA) from Taiwan. Speakers spoke strongly for Taiwan's entrance into the United Nations. While Taiwanese media coverage primarily focused on the activities at One Dag … Continue reading The Young Voices at the United Nations Membership for Taiwan Rally 2015


If We Don’t, Who Will?

If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound? It may sound like a philosophical question but as I reflect upon the rally at Time Square for Keep Taiwan Free (KTF), I realize how real that question is in all our lives. In this … Continue reading If We Don’t, Who Will?

A Big Week

We have an exciting week coming up! If you're in the area, please join us! Taiwan Aloud - Wednesday 9/10 Featuring The Hsu-nami and two bands from Taiwan, Manic Sheep and Olivia. Come out for a night of fun music and rock out with Hsu-Nami! Also, get a chance to find out why Taiwan matters … Continue reading A Big Week

Keep Taiwan Free Rally 2013

2013 was an unique year because not only was there a Taiwan Week - a series of events everyday of the week leading up to the 2013 Keep Taiwan Free Rally - but that there was even a march leading up to the rally on rally day! On rally day, a huge crowd, consisting of … Continue reading Keep Taiwan Free Rally 2013