Keep Taiwan Free Rally 2014 – A Recap

Dozens of passionate individuals stood together under cloudy skies and the threat of heavy rain in Times Square a few weeks ago on Saturday, September 13th to take part in the Keep Taiwan Free Rally 2014. This annual event – formally known as the United Nations for Taiwan Rally – has been going on for about 20 years already, and the movement continues.


Members of the Taiwan United Nations Alliance (TAIUNA), Dr Tsai Ming Sian (former Secretary of Defense under President Chen), Kala Mendoza representing the Free Tibet Movement, and a number of performances took the stage in order to voice their thoughts and support for the Keep Taiwan Free Movement.


Volunteers, with flags clenched in their fists, aligned the barricades, ready to outreach to pedestrians passing by. Two petitions were passed around as well – one to ask US Secretary of State John Kerry to review the One-China policy and one to demand that the Taiwanese government amend a law which requires at least a 50% voter turnout to pass a referendum.


As the years past, more of the younger generation are starting to feel compelled to take part in the movement. Compared to previous years, a lot more younger people came out to support the rally, most likely sparked and inspired by the Sunflower Movement not so long ago.


 Although the Keep Taiwan Free Rally this year may be over, let’s not forget that the fight continues. It is up to all of us to continue spreading awareness for Taiwan.


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