#Art4TW – A Poem for Taiwan

OFT’s passionate board members are always brainstorming ways and finding opportunities to “outreach for Taiwan” in any way possible.

The other day while passing through Union Square, we passed a man with a typewriter who said he can write a poem about anything.

…anything? Really?


We went up to him, and asked “Have you heard about Taiwan before?” We gave him a brief overview about Taiwan’s history and current situation. Within a few minutes, he wrote a poem about Taiwan…



An island in a world of continents
the adopted orphan
the one that has a face
that is no face

Misfits are often the ones that teach,
that see outside the box they are stuffed into.

There is a beauty to being estranged,
called discovery
and an anxiety to be so surrounded
by the big red hand.

Two essential ingredients
to cooking up some dishes
to feed a new hunger
To be free
and secure

A radiant face for all to see

What do you think about it? Write a poem about Taiwan and share with us!


(Check out this poet’s website! http://www.poemswhileyouwait.com/)