5 Things to Know About Taiwan – 2015

As 2015 draws to a close, we look back on a year filled with local protests, controversies, and presidential campaigns. Here are 5 issues you must know about if anyone asks you about what happened in Taiwan in 2015: 5. Economic Agreements On March 30, the Ma administration applied for Taiwan to join the Asian … Continue reading 5 Things to Know About Taiwan – 2015


#Talk4TW – Cathy Erway

We sat down with acclaimed food writer, Cathy Erway, to talk about her latest book The Food of Taiwan and her experience learning about her Taiwanese identity and its cuisine. The book is a recipe book on Taiwanese dishes but provides a wonderfully detailed introduction to Taiwan, starting from its complicated history. While many Taiwanese Americans … Continue reading #Talk4TW – Cathy Erway

A Bad Taste in Taiwan

  Recently, numerous food scandals have been uncovered in Taiwan, some of which have been going on for years. These cases raise questions about how much unsafe food is still being produced, how long each scandal has been going on, how many people have been affected by them, and ultimately negatively impacts trust in Taiwan’s products … Continue reading A Bad Taste in Taiwan

11 Foods You Must Eat During Lunar New Year

As we all know, food is pivotal in Asia, so no celebration is complete without them. Many foods consumed for Lunar New Year are symbolic of a concept or value. Whether for its homophonics or looks, each food you put in your mouth during this festival most likely means more than just a tasty bite. … Continue reading 11 Foods You Must Eat During Lunar New Year

Perks and Reflections

Back when OFT was creating our Keep Taiwan Free Indiegogo campaign, our team had multiple discussions regarding what would be some perks for the people who donated for the cause. We tossed around many ideas - How about tee shirts? Teddy bears! A free limo ride to the rally?! Or how about free tickets to a … Continue reading Perks and Reflections