#Talk4TW – Cathy Erway

We sat down with acclaimed food writer, Cathy Erway, to talk about her latest book The Food of Taiwan and her experience learning about her Taiwanese identity and its cuisine. The book is a recipe book on Taiwanese dishes but provides a wonderfully detailed introduction to Taiwan, starting from its complicated history.

While many Taiwanese Americans typically shy away from talking about Taiwan’s history, which is considered political by nature, Cathy touches on some of the “sensitive” events in order to provide the full picture of how the foreign influx in the island influenced Taiwan’s diverse cuisine.

Cathy is best known for her blog Not Eating Out in New York, the book inspired by her blog, The Art of Eating In, and her Heritage Radio Network show Eat Your Words.

Cathy will be hosting a “Taiwanese pub dinner” at Jimmy’s No. 43 in Manhattan on Sunday, June 7.
Tickets can be purchased here.


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