Figuring out Taiwan: Strait Talk

Last year I attended Strait Talk at Brown University. Strait Talk, in simple terms, is a closed-door weeklong session on Taiwan’s future. The method is through citizen-to-citizen dialogue, without political jargon, in an open space. In one week we, a group of fifteen divided into “delegations” of five (China/PRC, Taiwan/ROC and the US), opened up to each other. … Continue reading Figuring out Taiwan: Strait Talk


Hanging out with TANG : A Reflection

“Do any of you know what this is?”, I asked as I held up a small cut-out felt stencil of the shape of Taiwan. The kids from the Tiny Tots program of Taiwanese American Next Generation (TANG) sat in a circle, curiously looked at the shape, and eagerly started exclaiming their ideas of what the … Continue reading Hanging out with TANG : A Reflection