Figuring out Taiwan: Strait Talk

Last year I attended Strait Talk at Brown University. Strait Talk, in simple terms, is a closed-door weeklong session on Taiwan’s future. The method is through citizen-to-citizen dialogue, without political jargon, in an open space. In one week we, a group of fifteen divided into “delegations” of five (China/PRC, Taiwan/ROC and the US), opened up to each other. … Continue reading Figuring out Taiwan: Strait Talk


The United States did what?!

Two US Marine F/A-18C Hornet aircraft made an emergency landing at an air force base in southern Taiwan last week. Since Taiwan is considered a renegade province by China and does not have formal diplomatic ties with the US, the public is questioning what the fighters were doing near the island and why the US decided … Continue reading The United States did what?!

Waving Flag: Twin Oaks and the Blowback

On January 1 2015, there was a private flag-raising ceremony held at Twin Oaks at Washington D.C. in which the Republic of China (ROC) flag was raised. The attendees were all from Taiwan; members of the Taiwanese military and the unofficial embassy called TECRO were present. Twin Oaks was the former residence of ROC ambassadors … Continue reading Waving Flag: Twin Oaks and the Blowback