Happy birthday, Outreach for Taiwan!

This March, Outreach for Taiwan reaches our one year anniversary. It is amazing how fast time flies.

As we reflect back on what we have accomplished so far, we continue to look forward to what more OFT can do.

For the past year, all of our Outreach for Taiwan workshops, events and spendings (except for 2014 Keep Taiwan Free spendings) have been completely out of our own pockets. We have big ideas on how to bring Taiwan to the forefront, and how to continue spreading awareness for Taiwan – such as continuing to create easy-to-understand content, hosting more workshops not limited to the east coast, creating a short animation series about Taiwan history, a Taiwanese Language 101 YouTube series, and more! – but we need your help.

We extend our invitation to you to help make a difference, and to take the first step to outreach for Taiwan with us.
To commemorate our one year anniversary and to ensure more years to come, we have set up a Patreon crowdfunding campaign. Patreon allows people to donate money – whether it be $1 or $100 – bit by bit, continuously, over time.

Please visit our Patreon donation site to learn more information about how you can donate!
For each donation amount, you will get a reward for your generous donation.

All of the money raised will go towards our #4tw projects, better equipment, website maintenance, guest speakers, educational hand-outs, and making our big ideas become a reality.

Thank you for your continuous support!


Special shout out to
The Lintet for the jazzy Taiwanese folk song rendition as our video background music. 
The Dunn Family – The “Love Hope Peace Taiwan” shirt in the video is from the Dunn Family’s fundraiser to help raise enough funds to adopt Ellie’s biological little sister in Taiwan.
Tiffany Yu – The necklace in this video is from Tiffany Yu, who is a Taiwanese American jewelry merchandiser for chloe+isabel. 


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