#Talk4TW – Dwagie (大支)

Ever since rapper Dwagie (大支) shocked Taiwan with his unapologetic rhymes about identity in 2002 (Taiwan Song), he has only continued to break through walls, becoming the only artist to have collaborated with both Nas (Refuse to Listen) and the Dalai Lama (People).

Dwagie’s songs are often inspired by social and political issues and events, and he uses music to “outreach” and spread his message. In 2012, Dwagie collaborated with MC Yan (Mc仁) to raise awareness of Hong Kong’s protests against education curriculum changes (Brainwash), and in 2014 he released songs spreading the word about Taiwan’s Sunflower Movement, The One and Sunflower.

Dwagie was working on a new music video in Brooklyn with Mobb Deep (Check out their new song released in March: Mansion n Security!) and stopped by to hang out with OFT.

We asked Dwagie about his upbringing, what inspires his music, and his thoughts on the future of Taiwan.

 (PS – Watch until the very end, even after the credits!)


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