Bringing Taiwanese to Taiwanese Americans – My Last Chapter

“We are a social club, we shouldn’t talk about politics.” “We are a non-profit, we don’t do politics.” “We are Taiwanese American, we should focus on Asian American issues, not Taiwan issues.” I’ve heard it all. At one point or another, I’ve agreed to it all. Today, I disagree. "In my experience, politics haves typically … Continue reading Bringing Taiwanese to Taiwanese Americans – My Last Chapter


Debuting OFT’s LGBTQ Workshop

For the past 3 weeks, OFT has spoken at three different schools: Princeton University, New York University and Columbia University. At all three schools we talked about the US-Taiwan-China relations. This was the hot topic as everyone wanted to learn more about this trilateral relationship especially with Trump as president. However, today, we debuted our … Continue reading Debuting OFT’s LGBTQ Workshop

Our First Appearance at ITASA

This Saturday was OFT had the pleasure of hosting a workshop at the 2017 Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Student Association - East Coast Conference (ITASA ECC.) It was a milestone hit; an achievement unlocked. Since the founding of OFT, being able to hold a standalone workshop at ITASA had been Jenny and my dream. I had … Continue reading Our First Appearance at ITASA