When is Taiwan’s Birthday?

Many people will be posting on social media “Happy 103rd Birthday Taiwan!”, but this might not be entirely correct. October 10 is the National Day for Taiwan and a day to celebrate it, but to say it’s Taiwan’s birthday is not quite right. October 10 is celebrated because on October 10, 1911 was the start … Continue reading When is Taiwan’s Birthday?


Highlighting The Uniqueness of Taiwanese Identity on Double Ten

Happy Double Ten Day! I think this is the best way to describe this day without spouting a large dispute from people who are Taiwanese, in Taiwan, or just posting on Facebook to join in on the fun. Facebook (believe it or not) was actually what got me to think about October 10th and what it meant. … Continue reading Highlighting The Uniqueness of Taiwanese Identity on Double Ten

Musings on Double Ten Day

Tomorrow is a special day for the government on Taiwan; the revolution that overthrew the Qing Dynasty started on this day 103 years ago. It is so significant that the ROC calendar system made the year of the revolution, 1911, as Year Zero; 2014 is the 103rd Year of the Republic. It is the "National Day" … Continue reading Musings on Double Ten Day