“Tales of Taiwan: Civil Movements” at Rutgers University


On Sunday, March 30, Outreach for Taiwan hosted our first workshop at Rutgers University in junction with Rutgers’ Taiwanese American Student Association. Since Eric and I both graduated from Rutgers University and were also active executive members of TASA not so long ago, we completely understood the mentality and mindset of what students in TASA thought and knew about Taiwan’s history and current situation. With all of this in mind, we were able to effectively create a presentation, titled “Tales of Taiwan: Civil Movements” in which we presented a short history of Taiwan and China, and then transitioned over to highlighting a handful of civil movements, with an interactive focus on the Sunflower Movement, in Taiwan.

About 15-20 attendees came out to listen to our workshop. It was nice seeing some familiar faces, and seeing new faces as well! Once our presentation was over, 95% of the students stayed for further discussions. Because we do still have close ties with the Rutgers TASA community, we were able to gather some constructive criticism from the attendees at the end of our presentation.

Our first workshop was successful in that both Eric and I did feel like we were able to help educate these young proponents of Taiwan about Taiwan, and we feel happy that we were also to spark curiosity about Taiwan amongst the attendees.

With the constructive criticism that we got from this workshop, we are looking forward to revising and editing our workshops to appeal to our audience better!

Outreach for Taiwan’s future looks bright. This is just the beginning.


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