The Release of Chen Shui-Bian and Implications

After serving six years in prison, former president Chen Shui-Bian has been released on medical parole. Chen has been granted an initial one-month parole with extensions up to a three months period per review allowed depending on his health. The former president thus has the potential to be out of prison for a very long … Continue reading The Release of Chen Shui-Bian and Implications

Taiwan: Land of Many Tongues

Similar to the US, Taiwan is made unique by the mixture of cultural groups that call it “home”. The island was originally inhabited by Taiwanese aboriginals and was then colonized by the Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish as a trading post. Later, Ming dynasty supporter Koxinga claimed Taiwan as a base to overthrow the Qing dynasty, … Continue reading Taiwan: Land of Many Tongues

KANO hits a Home Run in the US

Recap of KANO movie showing Co-producers Wei Te-Shen (魏德聖) and Jimmy Huang (黃志明) toured along with the showing of their movie KANO at eleven locations across the United States over nine days. We were able to attend the three showings in the New York/New Jersey area, each with their own unique settings and Q&A sessions. Directed by … Continue reading KANO hits a Home Run in the US

Let Me Stand Like a Taiwanese!

BLACKLISTED -A Cafe Philo Event in NY- National Day has come and gone, but the memories of Taiwan linger. Treasures in of themselves, they serve as the medium to view the past as well as provide a small answer to the big question, "What happened?". On the cloudy blustery day of October 11th, Patrick Huang (黃再添) and … Continue reading Let Me Stand Like a Taiwanese!