#Talk4TW – Jess Lee

"Before the trip [to Taiwan], I had a lot of idea on how I viewed my identity as a Taiwanese American, but the trip definitely solidified those views and made me realize how different our cultures are. Not even just between Taiwanese and Chinese culture...but even between Taiwanese and Taiwanese American culture" The great thing about the Taiwanese American … Continue reading #Talk4TW – Jess Lee

A Walk Through Taiwan’s Human Rights with Clarence Chou

On April 20th, Columbia University’s Taiwan Focus student organization hosted a discussion, led by Yu-Shiou (Clarence) Chou, about Taiwan’s human rights. Chou is an attorney at law in Taiwan, Executive Commissioner of the Judicial Reform Foundation, PILnet Fellow, public defender for Sunflower Movement activists, and is currently completing his Visiting Scholar term at Columbia Law … Continue reading A Walk Through Taiwan’s Human Rights with Clarence Chou

Columbia TASA Spring Panel – Why Commit?

On April 11th, Columbia University’s Taiwanese American Student Association (TASA) hosted their annual Spring Panel on social and cultural activism.  This year, they decided to invite a number of speakers in order to encourage and inspire their young participants to play a bigger role in the community. The panelists, who are leaders of cultural and … Continue reading Columbia TASA Spring Panel – Why Commit?

Happy birthday, Outreach for Taiwan!

This March, Outreach for Taiwan reaches our one year anniversary. It is amazing how fast time flies. As we reflect back on what we have accomplished so far, we continue to look forward to what more OFT can do. For the past year, all of our Outreach for Taiwan workshops, events and spendings (except for … Continue reading Happy birthday, Outreach for Taiwan!

Creating a Generation of Peacemakers – Strait Talk

Strait Talk: Tripartite Dialogue Peace. Everyone wants peace. The ways to go about making peace however are up for grabs, whether it would be through war, dialogue, or a mixture of both. Strait Talk has been trying to make headway in peace through dialogue to solve the Taiwan issue. Founded at Brown University in 2005 … Continue reading Creating a Generation of Peacemakers – Strait Talk

The First Step to Outreach for Taiwan

Our hearts were bursting out of our chests, always wanting to do more for Taiwan, yet constantly looked down upon. No one really seemed to quite get us - why we cared so much about Taiwan or why we felt such a strong responsibility towards Taiwan - so we decided to take matters into our own hands.