The First Step to Outreach for Taiwan

Our hearts were bursting out of our chests, always wanting to do more for Taiwan, yet constantly looked down upon. No one really seemed to quite get us - why we cared so much about Taiwan or why we felt such a strong responsibility towards Taiwan - so we decided to take matters into our own hands.

Taiwan: Land of Many Tongues

Similar to the US, Taiwan is made unique by the mixture of cultural groups that call it “home”. The island was originally inhabited by Taiwanese aboriginals and was then colonized by the Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish as a trading post. Later, Ming dynasty supporter Koxinga claimed Taiwan as a base to overthrow the Qing dynasty, … Continue reading Taiwan: Land of Many Tongues

More than just a Piece of Fabric

Not too long ago, I happened to be in NYC to see the preparations for the Annual New York Dominican Day Parade. People of all ages - from toddlers to teens, young adults to grandparents - were lined up along 6th Avenue, adorned with flags. Floats were on the side, getting ready to proudly drive … Continue reading More than just a Piece of Fabric

Let Me Stand Like a Taiwanese!

BLACKLISTED -A Cafe Philo Event in NY- National Day has come and gone, but the memories of Taiwan linger. Treasures in of themselves, they serve as the medium to view the past as well as provide a small answer to the big question, "What happened?". On the cloudy blustery day of October 11th, Patrick Huang (黃再添) and … Continue reading Let Me Stand Like a Taiwanese!

Inside the Legislative Yuan with Democracy Tautin

"Taiwan is my country, pure and simple. Whatever your race is, Taiwan, as a diverse society, has gained the love of all its people. They all identify themselves with the idea of Taiwan." - Wang Yung-Hsiang (王雲祥) of Democracy Tautin This past weekend, OFT drove down to Central Jersey to attend a talk hosted by Rutgers Taiwan … Continue reading Inside the Legislative Yuan with Democracy Tautin

“Tales of Taiwan: Civil Movements” at Rutgers University

On Sunday, March 30, Outreach for Taiwan hosted our first workshop at Rutgers University in junction with Rutgers' Taiwanese American Student Association. Since Eric and I both graduated from Rutgers University and were also active executive members of TASA not so long ago, we completely understood the mentality and mindset of what students in TASA … Continue reading “Tales of Taiwan: Civil Movements” at Rutgers University

What We Do

  Taiwan, a shining beacon of democracy in the East Asia region, is a country that struggles for self-determination. The scars from Taiwan's turbulent history has not held her back from becoming one of Asia's 4 Economic Tigers, from having a rich culture, or from excelling in healthcare, humanitarian causes, and much more. However, these scars have … Continue reading What We Do