Walking through 228 : 10 Facts About 228

The 228 Incident/Massacre, (二二八事件), is an event in Taiwan's history that is not commonly known; the exact number of victims remain a mystery other than that tens of thousands suffered. What is known is that it was a conflict between the incoming ROC government and the inhabitants of Taiwan. Although many have heard of the bloody … Continue reading Walking through 228 : 10 Facts About 228

The First Step to Outreach for Taiwan

Our hearts were bursting out of our chests, always wanting to do more for Taiwan, yet constantly looked down upon. No one really seemed to quite get us - why we cared so much about Taiwan or why we felt such a strong responsibility towards Taiwan - so we decided to take matters into our own hands.

Waving Flag: Twin Oaks and the Blowback

On January 1 2015, there was a private flag-raising ceremony held at Twin Oaks at Washington D.C. in which the Republic of China (ROC) flag was raised. The attendees were all from Taiwan; members of the Taiwanese military and the unofficial embassy called TECRO were present. Twin Oaks was the former residence of ROC ambassadors … Continue reading Waving Flag: Twin Oaks and the Blowback

The Release of Chen Shui-Bian and Implications

After serving six years in prison, former president Chen Shui-Bian has been released on medical parole. Chen has been granted an initial one-month parole with extensions up to a three months period per review allowed depending on his health. The former president thus has the potential to be out of prison for a very long … Continue reading The Release of Chen Shui-Bian and Implications

Let Me Stand Like a Taiwanese!

BLACKLISTED -A Cafe Philo Event in NY- National Day has come and gone, but the memories of Taiwan linger. Treasures in of themselves, they serve as the medium to view the past as well as provide a small answer to the big question, "What happened?". On the cloudy blustery day of October 11th, Patrick Huang (黃再添) and … Continue reading Let Me Stand Like a Taiwanese!

Keep Taiwan Free Rally 2014 – A Recap

Dozens of passionate individuals stood together under cloudy skies and the threat of heavy rain in Times Square a few weeks ago on Saturday, September 13th to take part in the Keep Taiwan Free Rally 2014. This annual event – formally known as the United Nations for Taiwan Rally - has been going on for … Continue reading Keep Taiwan Free Rally 2014 – A Recap

Keep Taiwan Free Rally 2013

2013 was an unique year because not only was there a Taiwan Week - a series of events everyday of the week leading up to the 2013 Keep Taiwan Free Rally - but that there was even a march leading up to the rally on rally day! On rally day, a huge crowd, consisting of … Continue reading Keep Taiwan Free Rally 2013

#Talk4TW – Ada Chen

The Taiwanese American community is closely-knit and Ada Chen is no stranger to that. After first being involved with the Rutgers Taiwanese American Student Association, she continuously found herself in the Taiwanese American community, even when she transferred to New York University.

#Talk4TW – Charles Pan

While OFT was brainstorming a list of which individuals we would want to interview for our #Talk4TW series, Charles Pan was up there on our list. Since Charles is the Taiwanese American Professionals - New York president, we wanted to learn more about his back story of how he became so involved in the Taiwanese American community.